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To construct this story I worked closely with a colleague to design and code this interactive grid of fifth graders at a local elementary school who were involved in a parent-funded after school music program. I also was able to shoot and record audio to put together an audio slideshow in Adobe Premiere and played with Adobe Illustrator to build the title side. Check it out here

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I knew I was going to have to write about this proposed bond measure on the ballot, but I wanted to build something that would make this huge program more tangible for parents, give them an opportunity to see what they’re money has been buying them. I worked with a faculty member and closely with the school district to put together an interactive map using Google Fusion Tables. Check it out here

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I actually didn’t intend to incorporate any multimedia into this story, but as I was doing the interview the teachers kept explaining each part of this kit and giving me details that were so interesting. I knew I couldn’t put them into the print story because I would kill the flow and lose my readers, but representing them visually was an option. This interactive was actually pre-built, but a future goal is to learn how to build them myself. Check it out here

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One of my goals is to become stronger at shooting and editing video. I paired up with a fellow Richmond Confidential reporter to put together this short video story. We both shot footage on a Sony NX-70 and edited our footage in Adobe Premiere.  Check it out here